Pokemon and Minecraft family seeking player 4.


Thank you for visiting the Tarantino Family Adoption Website. We have recently been approved to adopt. Our official Home Study was completed by the Datz Foundation, and is available upon request.

Please email us at adoption @ tinofamily dot com; alternatively we can connect you directly with our social worker.

Here are some of our promises

  • We promise to love our children unconditionally;

  • We promise to read books with them every night;

  • We promise to play outdoors a lot, and help coach them in any sport they want to play;

  • We promise to be very involved with the schools they attend;

  • We promise to teach them math and build science projects with them;

  • We promise that music and instruments will be a part of their life;

  • We promise to travel with them around the world and teach them new languages; and,

  • We promise to never judge, and to always listen and care for them

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