Education is extremely important to us. We both graduated college (George Mason University and the United States Air Force Academy) and have an active 529 College Savings Account started for our children. 

We feel it is advantageous to mix laughter and fun with education as much as possible. One educational activity we really enjoy is teaching software coding. We are big fans of the "learning to mod" application with Minecraft.

minecraft mods.png

This activity merges software with the fun of Minecraft. Just recently, our son coded how to automatically create stacks of 5 blocks that generated lightning bolts from the sky, and flowers that followed zombies wherever they walked. As silly as this sounds, this taught him the foundation of software "if-then" statements in a fun way only limited by his imagination. 


Right now, our son attends school in the City of Alexandria. He is fluent in Spanish, and loves mathematics. After school, we spend at least an hour doing school work and extra educational activities such as IXL Math, writing workbooks, academic flashcards, Rosetta Stone, Bilingua, and science experiments based on Science Max and Bill Nye the Science Guy

How many coins can

a tinfoil boat hold?


Popsicle stick catapult.

Room posters.

But that's not all. We also incorporate academic games like chess and scrabble into our weekly curriculum. Furthermore, our kid's room is filled with academic posters too! We have a giant periodic table, map of the world, map of the United States, Addition tables, Subtraction tables, Multiplication tables, and Division tables. 


White board & chess.

We are currently teaching both Spanish and French to our son which includes Saturday Spanish school and Sunday French school. Next year, we plan on visiting Spain and France and immersing ourselves in the culture and language for several weeks. 


Finally, we are very enthusiastic about ensuring our kids are brought up with an appreciation for different cultures. Alexandria is a great place to discuss history and culture with our kids. A couple of our favorite places to visit are the National Museum of African American History and Culture in DC, the Alexandria Black History Museum right next to our home and Civil War sites in Old Town. 

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Spanish school