Summer Time 2020

This summer we have big plans that include a lot of bicycle riding, lacrosse, chess, soccer, hockey and minecraft coding. Earlier this week, to celebrate Tyler's graduation of 2nd grade, we woke up at 5AM and took a 7-mile bike ride down to the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria! From the pier, we can see the Capital Building.

Torpedo Factory 2.png
Torpedo Factory 1.png

December Holidays & New Years 2020

For the holidays, we built an indoor fort, exchanged plenty of gifts (like a Playstation 4 and new computers), took a tour of the Pentagon (where Fred works), played lacrosse, saw family in Fredericksburg (played lots of Dreidel), rode bikes around the historical site nearby, ate specialty cookies, and played Minecraft into the new years. 

Our Playstation control #4 is standing by, ready for action


20 December, 2019 - Star Wars Fun with the cousins


Today we all went to watch the new Star Wars movie with the cousins who live 5 minutes away from us. Everyone had a blast, and I think the best part of the night was when all the kids burst-out in excitement as Jedi help came to save the day during the final scene.

Star Wars 2.png
Star Wars 1.png

13 December, 2019 - Sleepover 


It was our night to help out with the cousins. So they came over, and we played a ton of fun games like wall ball, legos, pokemon and watching movies. 

At one point, everyone decided that I was a horse. So they hopped on my back and enjoyed the ride! : ) haha

Before the night was over, we all had pizza and chocolate ice cream. The girls slept in one room, and the boys in the other. They watched their favorite shows on Disney + as they got relaxed in bed.

Sleepover 2.png
Sleepover 1.png
Sleepover 3.png
Sleepover 4.png

26 November  - Thanksgiving Skate


We have a lot of ice rinks around our home, and this season is fun because the outdoor rinks open up for the holidays. 

All the family came up to D.C. this year, so we went to Barnes and Nobles to buy some new books, and then skating at the Pentagon outdoor ice rink. It was a lot of fun and we all helped each other out. Before the evening ended, we ate at the restaurant right next door and had a lot of laughs playing the game "telephone" around the table.

Thanksgiving 1.png
Thanksgiving 2.png

30 October  - Nationals Game 7 

This year we rooted for our home team in the World Series. But before we watched Game 7, we decided to have our own Game 7 at the baseball park.

In this video, I am pitching to Tyler, and he hits a home run!